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Wordle: Blue Chill

Oh my Wordle! I love typography!

Do you?  Have you played with Wordle yet?  If you’re asking “WTF is Wordle?”, it’s a fun little site that arranges your word clouds  in a variety of colors/shapes/fonts.  It’s free and easy to use.

Where can I find Wordle? You can find Wordle at   http://www.wordle.net

Why do I need/want a Wordle? There are several applications for using a Wordle.

  • Blogging: Once you save your Wordle to the Gallery it provides HTML code for you to insert into your blog.  The image is small so bear that in mind (see above).  When creating your Wordle you can insert the text from a single blog  post, or type in your blog URL to pull text from all your posts.  You can dedicate an entire page to Wordles!
  • Logos: By typing in your name, title, company name, and what you do, you can create a fun logo.  You can change the colors, background and font or keep selecting Random.
  • Birthday Cards/Holiday Cards: Type in the person’s name and words that describe them or how you want them to feel.  You can weight certain words in the Advanced Functions to ensure they appear larger in the finalimage .  You can print right from Wordle too.
  • Brainstorming: Need a fresh take on a BORING brochure.  Cut and paste the text into Wordle and see what jumps out at you as far as ideas.

The sky is the limit as far as applications for Wordle use.  Let me know how you use it!

This is post #11 of The 28 Day Blogging Challenge