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The Dichotomy of Valentine’s Day

My apologies for the blurry picture but I took this myself with my Blackberry this morning.  Can you believe that Necco hearts have a Twitter reference now??!?!?!?!?!

Valentine’s Day has never been a very important holiday in my house, both growing up and now.    I’m a little  torn because it can be so commercial.  1 billion cards mailed each year. That’s second to only Christmas!   I made handmade valentine’s for my kids .  Not sure if they liked them better or not than the Hallmark cards they received in the mail.   I don’t expect or want a box of chocolates (Have you SEEN my ass?!?!  LOL!) and flowers are stupidly expensive on this day.  Make no mistake I LOVE getting flowers (Especially pink roses!  Hint Hint…) but not on Valentine’s Day.

My take on Valentine;s Day is this: Tell the people that you care about that you do and how much.  You  don’t even need to spend a fortune on cards ($4-$10 each! Ouch!).  Now you can Tweet, Facebook, or Text Message the people you love and adore and spread Valentine cheer at virtually no cost!  I found myself posting Valentine tweets and Facebook messages and feeling like this was “normal”.  It felt great to spread cheer to those of whom I could not be present.  So perhaps like the Necco hearts, Valentine’s Day is embracing social media.  Chocolates and flowers may cease to exist IRL as V-Day gifts.  The new “generous” is spreading the love over bandwidth.

This is Day 10 of The 28 Day Bogging Challlenge