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Last summer I had a stalker issue.  Nothing too serious.  Just some lewd direct messages on twitter and psycho babble…that was until I ignored him and he made it obvious he was “watching” me.

Yikes!  Wake-up call!  I’d been living in a” happy-bubble” thinking everyone in social media was sweet and honest and harmless.  The incident made me rethink what I posted and when.  I’m not saying that most people on Twitter and Facebook aren’t wonderful, because they truly are amazing and generous  people.  But because of this stalker I adjusted how I tweeted in case there are more like him out there…just watching.

New Rules:

1)  Never tweet your exact location while you are there, especially if you’re alone.  This may be difficult especially if you play Foursquare.  I don’t tweet my check-ins.  Only my handful of Foursquare friends can see my status.

2)  Take a taxi or a car service to and from the airport.  Flat tires, rear-end damage, and/or bitter cold are just a few of the reasons (and actual occurences!) why airport parking isn’t fun at 1am.

3)  Stay at a hotel with a restaurant/bar so you don’t have to wander a strange city at night.

4) If possible select hotels that check room keys at the elevator for admittance upstairs.

5) If you do want to share where you’ve been on Twitter/Facebook do so after you’ve left the building just in caes a creeper is nearby.

6)  Make sure a friend or loved one knows your whereabouts at all times

7)  Don’t accept a friend on Facebook unless you have at least 3 friends in common.

Am I paranoid now? Maybe a little. But if these rules help keep me and my friends safe it’s worth it.

Please comment and suggest other safety tips that I missed.

Stay safe!

This is Day 6 of The Blogging Challenge

Photo courtesy of  -zinny- and Flickr