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Today is Day 2 and I wanted to take a step back and explain a bit more about what this Challenge is, why I’m partaking, and what you can expect over the next 26 days.

What is this 28 Day Blogging Challenge?

A few days ago, Scott Bishop posted a blog about how he was going to Blog 28 days in a row as opposed to his normal routine of weekly to bi-weekly with the goal of increasing trraffic and subscriptions. A friend of his decided to join in on the fun and that spawned the 28 Day Blogging Challenge.  It’s a challenge to post something each day for 28 days in a row.  Dozens have joined Scott in this challenge, including myself, and are listed on his blog.

Why am I partaking in this challenge?

Back in December, I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew Sapaula and something he said resonated with me.  He said “It’s okay to not be perfect (in your blog writing).  People want you to screw up and be human.”  By nature I’m a perfectionist, and my frequency of posts has suffered because of this.  I’ve joined Scott in his challenge to help shift my mindset to “delivery over perfection”.

What can you expect over the next 26 days?

  • Lots of posts!  26 to go!
  • Variety of topics
  • Perhaps some video (Jumping out of my comfort zone here!)
  • Fun and laughter!

Enjoy the flurry of posts and feel free to comment!

Photo courtesy of hannah.aviva and Flickr