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How To Throw A Killer TweetUp

Have you ever wondered what your Tweeps are like in real life (IRL)?  Ever wondered if they really look like their avatars?   Why not host a TweetUp!  No matter where you live or what you do there are others on Twitter nearby and there’s nothing quite like meeting your favorite Tweeps in real life (IRL).    Just ask @RobinWalker or @MisterNoodle…I hugged them when I met them at a TweetUp.  Besides hugs you may also find job leads, sales leads, new connections, and folks with whom you can barter entrepreneurial services…I know I did.  So what’s stopping you? 

Here are 7 tips for hosting a successful TweetUp in your neck of the woods:

1. Select the Venue –  Choose a location that’s central and easy to navigate.   Find a spot with plenty of standing room as well as seating for those with “barking dogs”.  Convenient parking and/or public transportation is key.  Free WiFi is a consideration if the event is in the morning or midday when Tweeps are tethered to their laptops.  Be sure to talk to the owner/manager of the establishment prior to the event for their blessing and possible sponsorship.  Make sure you visit the venue before publicizing the event.

2. Choose the Date – These days it seems there are local social media events every night of the week.  Try your best to avoid scheduling conflicts.  Run some dates by a few of your local Tweeps before committing.

3. Tweet it Up -Spread the word via Twitter.  Invite local celebs, Twitter Elite, bloggers, entrepreneurs.  Use www.twtvite.com or www.meetup.com to collect RSVPs and share more details than a single tweet allows.

4. Invite the Media – Contact your community newspapers, business mags, etc via phone, email, or Twitter.  Tweet your local TV anchors and invite them to attend.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the attention you receive.

5. Feed the Tweeps – Find a Sponsor or see if your venue will “throw in” some food for your hungry mob.  Even if Tweeps have to pay for food individually make sure it’s available. If it’s an after-work event no-one’s probably eaten since lunch.  Fed Tweeps are happy Tweeps!

6. Wear Nametags – Not everyone is great at remembering names.  Providing nametags will save Tweeps from possible discomfort and/or embarrassment. Be sure to use 3M nametags (Yes splurge.  The adhesive will stick to all fabrics and the backing comes off easily).  Consider bringing sharpies in various colors, pens, a sign-in book (notebook, guestbook, sheets of paper, etc), a fishbowl for biz cards, and a stack of your own cards.

7.  Have Fun! – No matter how many or how few, how hot or how rainy, enjoy yourself and your TweetUp guests. Expect hugs!

So start planning your next TweetUp today…your future awaits!

Additional Tips or Questions?  Please Comment below.

Thanks to Flickr and RevMike88 for the use of the photo.

An EXTRA SPECIAL thanks goes to my Napertweetup co-host @foiledcupcakes !