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Three weeks ago, while traveling for business in San Francisco, I was notified that my position had been eliminated.  Ouch!  What’s a sales & marketing diva to do?  But my response was “Woo Hoo!”.  Was I in denial of my impending financial ruin?  Was I feeling a sense of freedom, an escape from working for a multi-national multi-billion-dollar behemoth?   What WILL I do now?  The bigger question became  “How AM I going to spin this one in a positive way to the Hubby?”  Here are a few ideas:

8.  “Hi Honey, I’m Home!  …for the next six months…”

7.  “Hi Honey.  Great news!  I’m coming home early from San Francisco…and then some.”

6.   “Hi Honey!  Remember when I told you my role at work would be changing on April 1st?…”

5.   “Hon, would you please tell the hot nanny that her last day is today?  We really can’t afford her anymore.”

4.   “Hi Honey!  I just joined this fabulous new club…it has millions of members…and we get paid to stand in line together!”

3.   “Hon, you know, I’ve been thinking I should really spend more time with the kids…”

2.  “Sweety, I realize our Anniversary is coming up but you don’t need to buy me anything this year…”

1.  (The Winner via sms)  “Wine.  Buy lots of wine.”

 The best way to survive a lay-off is to surround yourself with supporters… and laugh.